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Covid-19 Update

GATHERING GUIDELINES: As we continue to gather as a church family, we want to remind everyone to assist us in keeping everyone safe. To do so, we ask that everyone wear a mask, that you sanitize your hands when you enter church, and that you remember to observe the “6 ft social distancing” guidelines when entering, exiting and during communion. We are now allowed to open to every other pew if needed. We have pews marked which can be

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Liturgical Roles:       December  2020

Date                          Lector                    Eucharistic Minister

Dec. 13                      Larry Kirchner             Ann Jenniges

Dec. 20                     Pat Merrick                     Shelly Merrick

Dec. 24                     Joyce Vortherms            Joyce Vortherms

Dec. 27                     Carole Quade                     Ann Jenniges



Rev. Msgr R. Paul Heiting, Pastor
1153 1st Ave
Westbrook, MN 56183
Church: 507-274-5946
Pastor: 507-458-5702



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